Keep your business in your hand

ERP on Hand equips you to keep your entire business at hand and operate as well as track variations right from your phone. Our modern digital technologies holistically cater to your business needs, providing the best value for money. Our team of ignited young minds are adept at developing innovative, high-quality and satisfactory enterprise solutions.


Specilizing In

Offering new experiences in operating smarter, customized softwares. We like changing people’s perspectives about what technology can do. Embrace the services offered by ERP on hand to know more. Happiness guaranteed.

ERP Crafting

Flawlessly coded ERP software helps in planning, executing and analysing your business goals effectively. We develop and customize the software according to your needs, which fits your business like a glove.

Product Design

Our team of enthusiastic wizards are at your service to bring alive the ideas from your dreams. We will stand by you throughout the process of testing, developing and marketing the product.

AI & Machine Learning

We create human centred products powered by AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning to eliminate redundant tasks. we create amazing, personalised experiences that scale with your business.

App Development

Our highly skilled technicians develop interactive and aesthetically appealing cross platform applications. We ensure that you have fluid, graceful experience while using our apps.


Tailored for your business

Our team is empowered to understand all your business needs and customize the technology so that you can operate it as swiftly and smartly as James bond. Let the technology of ERP on Hand make you smarter, reduce your hassles and save you plenty of time for other pursuits.


Let's Automate your way to Growth

Automation is the essence of any smart business and therefore our technologies are developed to help you operate your business effortlessly. Our support and maintenance service will be available round the clock to help you develop your business and get ahead of the competition with the usage of better technology that can be operated wherever you go right from your mobile phone !


Great software is built by great teams

Our squad of passionate experts collaborate together in providing the best holistic solution for your business needs. As a team, we can reach new summits, cross hurdles and strive for the better. WE keep transforming, WE keep innovating, WE make it happen.

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